Arch Enemy’s – House Of Mirrors Video

Arch Enemy has released a second standalone song, House Of Mirrors, just a few weeks after releasing their first new single in four years.

Jacob Hansen’s (Volbeat, Katatonia, Epica) mixing of House Of Mirrors showcases Arch Enemy’s epic songwriting tendencies, from the galloping riffs and soaring guitar leads offered up by Michael Amott and Jeff Loomis, to the crowd-baiting choruses delivered with characteristic snarls by vocalist Alissa White-Gluz.

This tiny entrance guitar phrase I was tinkering around with for a while became the inspiration for House of Mirrors, Michael Amott says. Thereafter, it was an exciting journey to see the song develop into what we have today. In the middle of our jam session, my brother Chris came over to play some chords and I kept coming up with new parts. As a follow-up to our first attempt, we recorded a more polished demo with Daniel [Erlandsson] at the helm, which we then delivered to Alissa, and she came back with the ideal lyric and vocal arrangement.

With lyrics like these, White-Gluz explains that “House of Mirrors is an introspective song about the dark twisting and turning of the human psyche.” After a few minutes of staring into the mirror and without looking away, you’ll see a weird optical illusion called “the stranger in the mirror.” A lot of people will be able to identify with this song since they’ve been living in a dystopian world for the last couple of years.”

While Arch Enemy’s follow-up to 2017’s Will To Power has yet to be announced, the release of two new tracks in the span of three months suggests the band plans to make a big comeback in 2022.

See the official video below

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